Download Personalization Panel For Windows 7 Starter And Home Basic Editions

Users who have been using Windows 7 Starter or Home Basic edition for a while now probably have noticed that these editions come only with basic personalization features.



In other words, unlike Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions the Home Basic & Starter editions don’t come with Personalization panel. In fact, you can’t even find the Personalize option in the desktop context menu. So, you are missing one of the best features of Windows 7. Worry not! We have a cool solution to get this feature in Home Basic and Home Premium editions. Continue reading

Step by Step Guide on How to Setup FTP Server on Windows 8

Do you want to configure a Windows 8computer as an FTP server?, this guide will be useful to set it up easily with built-in Microsoft features. You can make any computer as FTP server by installing third party applications like Filezilla FTP server. But this step by step guide shows how to setup FTP server on Windows 8 without installing any third party software or tools.

Having a FTP server on internal or external network is always easy and faster to share folders and files.  Windows 8 comes with built-in FTP server under InternetInformation Service features which needs to be installed before use.

You can allow other users to access your FTP site by restricting with user name/password or anonymous access. It depends on the purpose of FTP server on your network.


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How To Completely Uninstall All Built-in Windows 8 Apps ?

Along with legacy applications such as Paint, WordPad, Notepad, and some other programs, Windows 8 also ships with a bunch of Metro-style or modern apps. Messaging, Games, Internet Explorer, Mail, People, Camera, Video, Music, Calendar, Maps, Sensex, and SkyDrive are some of the apps that ship with Windows 8.

Users who are running Windows 8 on a non-touch device or users who don’t find the built-in apps not useful may want to completely uninstall or remove native apps. When you uninstall a native app by right-clicking on the app and then clicking or tapping uninstall button, Windows doesn’t completely remove the app from your PC. Because of this, the app continuous to use the valuable disk space.


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